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Our Allbiruni Publication House (APH) is a subsidiary to Escribto Academy. What makes our store unique on the web is that we have unique sections for:

  1. The translated Arabic and English literature.
  2. Technical translations of technical specifications documents.
  3. Legal translations of decrees, laws and regulations of all Arab countries.
  4. Translations of documents related to Human Resources management.
  5. Translations of business and academic documents.
  6. e-book section that includes nearly all genres.
  7. Product catalogs and user manuals.


Easy to Order

A convenient payment gateway and most importantly your purchased document will be sent to your email via a secure download link where you will find the original document and the translation in the same file. All documents are in pdf format, but if you need another format, just contact us to let us serve you in the way you like.

At APH store we have provided product catalogs for the majority of equipment and appliances. You will find the original copies of the technical documents, user manuals and catalogs for all electrical appliances, electronic devices and engineering equipment.

The translation of technical specifications is produced by a team of professional linguists, technical practitioners ‎and specialists in the same field of the standardized specification. Particular to this area, we always ensure that the quantity of the translated technical specification documents is not at the expense of quality as we care more about quality than quantity. Therefore, if you don’t find what you are looking for, it means that your document is in progress and it is in its way to be displayed on our website. All you have to do is to check out our website regularly to find your document. If you need a certain document urgently, kindly drop us an email giving some details about the document to be able to give priority to that document and urgently serve you without any additional charges.

Translated Literature

This section has a plethora of translated literary works from and into Arabic and English in addition to some literary works from other languages. The literary works were carefully selected for translation. To ensure accuracy and to preserve eloquence, rhetoric and metaphor when translating them from one language identity to another, the translation process is conducted by elite bilingual literary authors, artists and linguists.

Translated Legislations

This section includes a number of legislations and laws of all Arab countries. The translation process is meticulously conducted to ensure the authorized legal translation is provided by an eloquence of Arab and English lawyers because we believe that the legal context is based on a distinct legal language where it must be translated only by subject matter experts along with linguists. Moreover, the translation ordered by you will include the original legislation followed by the legal translation to ensure a convenient reference for corporate and enterprise businesses. To ensure a convenient copying and pasting of any article or legislation, the file brought to you is in MS Word format.

Human Resources Documents

This section encompasses all documents related to human resources operations both in English and Arabic such as contracts of employment, internal memos and templates pertaining to human resources management for government institutions and corporates.

Business Documents

This section includes almost all documents of the business market such as commercial agreements, contracts, templates and strategy documents both in Arabic and English.

Academic Documents

This is a giant repository of academic related documents including without limitation research and studies proposals, exemplary recommendation letters both in Arabic and English in addition to various documents for graduate students, faculty members and researchers.

e-Book Section

Thousands of eBooks are available in this section in fields such as: Law, Literature, History, International Relations, Linguistics, Geography, Arts and other disciplines of interest for our customers. To ensure a convenient reading using smart phones and tablets, all e-Books are provided in PDF and epub formats. If you need another format, just let us know and you will get your e-book in other formats for free.

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Free Resources

For our customers who love free resources and e-Books, influential resources are available for free download. Check our Albiruni Publication House at