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Wouldn’t it be great to identify the real valuable tools when doing your thesis, research or dissertation? The following tools were carefully selected by our staff to help you be more productive when working on your research paper:


All your research in one place: securely stored and accessible across devices, you can search and sort your references, documents and notes in one place - right down to the keyword you're looking for. It helps you read and annotate on the go. You can use Mendeley online or offline to access your PDFs on the move. Highlight, annotate and add sticky notes to capture your thoughts in context. You can also generate your citations and bibliography in the style of your choice - in just a few clicks. You can connect with colleagues, peers or classmates to follow their research output. Showcase your published research to millions around the world.


An open source reference manager that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a unique solution to academic literature management, i.e. it helps you organizing, creating, and discovering academic literature. and offers PDF metadata retrieval, free online backup of your mind maps, a monitoring function for new files (PDFs, images, etc.), and an MS-Word add on. It also allows you to have full control over your data.


Is a research tool that allows you to quickly capture snippets of information and images from the web or from documents on your computer. All content can be organized using titles and tags, saved to a specific project and sent in your online account.


An internet based data service for the global user community. It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point. Users can search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN system.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes tools are pivotal to every research you do online. They allow you to add notes and comments to things you find online. Check out some of the best tools I have collected particularly for teachers and educators.


A plagiarism check tool that finds content duplication .It is 100% free, extremely easy to use, has the options of copy-pasting the text, entering the URL of the content destination required to be checked, or uploading a text file. Registered users can perform 50 searches per day.


Makes business intelligence faster and easier than ever before. You can publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them with colleagues, partners or customers. You can view dashboards from the office, at home or on the road. Filter and drill down using native mobile apps. Edit any existing view, from the Web or from a tablet. Ask the questions your reports didn’t anticipate. Only your authorized users can interact with your data and dashboards. Use single sign-on to make security easy for your trusted users.


Is a powerful, stand-alone application for visual quantitative modeling. Analytica offers a comprehensive array of statistical functions for analyzing sample data including standard mean, variance, skewness, percentiles, correlations, with built in graphics to visualize uncertainties using density functions, cumulative functions, probability bands, and viewing the underlying sample. Analytica Optimizer adds powerful solvers for linear, quadratic, and nonlinear optimization.


Is a user-friendly, comprehensive, affordable and performant statistical software that works as an add-on to Excel. More than 200 statistical features available in general or field-oriented solutions. Features include data visualization, statistical modeling (regression, ANOVA, mixed models, PLS...), data mining (PCA, MCA, DA...), stat tests, forecasting methods, machine learning, conjoint analysis, PLS-SEM, survival analysis, method comparison, OMICs data analysis, SPC and many more.