Our rates are based on the following criteria:

  • The size of your project: big projects are always given 25% discount of the project total value.
  • The quality of the work submitted to us.

You can always ask us for a quote by sending us either your project or a sample of it. Our staff will promptly review your project and immediately provide you with an accurate quote. Once agreed from your side, you will receive a conformation email containing a full description of the services you will get, final submission date and a unique code for your project.
You can always use this code to check the progress of your project as well as to pay on the go through our website. The time required calculating the charges and time of finishing your project is 10 minutes.

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Escribto Academy is committed to supporting our retainer customers and clients by providing exclusive rates, special discounts and other benefits. One of these benefits is Escribto‎ Academy Pre-paid Plan. You create an account with us and credit it annually or monthly with a sum of your choice. Upon signing the Escribto ‎Academy Pre-paid Plan Agreement, you will access all our services using a unique access code. Top priority and exclusive discounts are given to our Escribto Academy Pre-paid Plan subscribers. You can also top-up the account balance or withdraw your money at any time. Corporate clients, institutions and agencies subscribed to this plan have a direct secure file upload page where they can drag and drop all their files on the go. One of the best benefits of Escribto ‎Academy Pre-paid Plan is that clients can get top urgent processing of their project while avoid paying any extra urgency charge. You can always get top urgent service and pay the same amount other clients pay for regular service.

Don’t want to subscribe to Escribto ‎Academy Pre-paid Plan. No worries!

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 Our rates for all services are based on the a page count of 200 words which means that you  can calculate how much your project will cost you by dividing the total word count of your document by 200 words. The total number of pages that you have is the real chargeable pages.

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Select the service that you want and drop us an email. You will get an instant quote within 5 minutes from receiving your email.
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